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I have always been passionate about painting and exploring new art mediums. I feel that art is an amazing form of individual expression. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the art world. Growing up on the East coast, I spent a lot of time in museums and art galleries, studying many different genres of art.

Painting is a peaceful time for me, when I can escape from the realities of daily life. My paintings mark an intersection between abstraction and reality. In my artwork, I am continuously inspired by nature. After many years of studying and photographing the patterns in nature, my work is full of organic shapes and landscapes that are representative of the natural world.

Many of my landscape paintings are inspired by the Cascade Mountains. More recently, I have been using crumpled tissue paper to add texture and dimension to my acrylic paintings. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mixed media materials and creative techniques in my work. My goal is to have my art transport the viewer into another world, if just for a moment.


Kimberly Costa-Stearns is an artist and art teacher. She was born in Towson, Maryland. Kimberly began drawing at a very young age, always expressing an intense curiosity in the creative elements in nature. In 1998, she graduated from James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Then, she continued her education at James Madison University and received a Teacher’s certificate in Art Education K-12, in 2001. After graduating, Kimberly moved across the country to Bend, Oregon with a new sense of adventure, ready to start her career as an Art Teacher.

Kimberly taught art in Central Oregon for almost ten years. As an educator, she has passed her knowledge and skills on to many young artists of different age groups. She taught at Jefferson County Middle School, Cascade Middle School, and Summit High in the Bend community. She also has taught art classes at the Art Station and through Bend Parks and Recreation. Kimberly’s dream is to have her own private art school for kids, in Central Oregon.

Her career as an art teacher inspired her personal, creative pursuits in painting. Kimberly’s paintings are brightly colored, unique, and simplistic landscapes. She now spends her time painting in her studio at her Bend home and enjoys teaching private art lessons and volunteering at her kid’s school. Kimberly also enjoys traveling, gardening, and spending time outdoors, with her husband and two kids.

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